Tariff :- (The rates are liable to change WITHOUT NOTICE). All Advertisement Matter is strictly subject to the approval of the Management.

Space  12
(Per Insertions)
Full Page (B/W) 27,500/- 15,500/- 10,000/-  4,000/-
Half Page (B/W)   16,000/-  11,500/-  9,000/- 3,500/-
Full Page (Coloured) 60,000/- 36,000/- 21,500/- 8,500/-
3rd Cover (Inner Back Cover) - 25% extra.

Payment should be sent in the name of "Business Manager, Indian Forester", Payable at Dehradun

Note :
(1) Art work in black ink accepted. Drawings or artwork of all description and / or other Advertisement material; are to be supplied by the advertising parties themselves. For halftones, positives to be provided.

(2) Only one Voucher Copy  will be supplied.

(3) Overall Size : 24 cm x 18.5 cm; Printing Size (Full-Page) 19cm x 14cm. Important (a) Advertisement charges are strictly payable in advance preferably by Bank Draft on State  Bank of India, Dehradun (India) and Drawn in favour  of the Business Manager Indian Forester. (b) The Advertisement matter, should be sent in DUPLICATE. For further particular and terms of business please apply to the Business Manager, Indian Forester.

(4) Correspondence concerning subscription, etc., should be addressed to the Business Manager, Indian Forester , P.O. New Forest, Dehradun (India). All payments by DD/Cheque on account of Subscription and Advertisement, etc., must be made in favour of the Business Manager, Indian Forester. No payments will be accepted by Money order.

(5) All complaints regarding delay in receipt or non-delivery of copy or copies of The Indian Foresters should be made WITHIN 30 DAYS from the due date of publication of an issue which is 1st of each month to the Business Manager, Indian Forester. Efforts will be made to supply duplicate copy or copies of The missing number, free of cost, provided complaint is received in time, and on payment if complaint is received after 30 days subject to the availability.

(6) In case of dispute, Dehradun, UK (India), shall be the place of jurisdiction.