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Volume 148, Issue 1, January 2022

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R. P. Singh
Total views: 21


An Annotated Checklist of Ethno Medicinal Tree Species in Terakanahalli Reserve Forest area of Sirsi range, Karnataka, (India)
Satish Majge, Md Mudassir Ahmed, Pradeep Bhat, Vinayak Upadhya, K. Ningayya 1-7
Total views: 41
Species Recovery Plan for Phyllanthus Singampattianus (Sebastine & A.N. Henry) Kumari & Chandrab., – An Endemic, Critically Endangered and Highly Medicinal Shrub of Tropical Riparian Fringing Forests in Southern Western Ghats, India
Pallavi Sarkar, Aruna Basu, Manoj Kumar Sarkar 8-17
Total views: 33
Exploration, Distribution and Screening of Quality Germplasm of Medicinal Tree Oroxylum indicum (L.) Benth. Ex Kurz. (SHYONAK) in Forest Divisions of Haryana
B. P. Tamta, Rakesh Kumar, Sushmita Uniyal, Arun Uniyal, Nidhi 18-25
Total views: 27
Medicinal Plants used for the Traditional Management of Skin Disorders in Doodpathri area of Budgam, Jammu and Kashmir
Tawseef Ahmad Mir, Rakesh Kumar Khare, Muatasim Jan 26-31
Total views: 31
Distribution and Ecological Status of Ashtavarga Group of Plants in Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh, North Western Himalaya
Vaneet Jishtu, Brij Bhushan, Astha Chauhan, Monika Chauhan 32-40
Total views: 27
Conservation Strategy for Endangered Medicinal Plant - Black Turmeric (Curcuma caesia)
R. Chitra, D. Janaki, P. Jansirani 41-44
Total views: 22
Morphological and Elemental Parameters of Himalayan Peony (Paeonia emodi) a Medicinal Plant in Relation to Different Forests of Garhwal Himalaya, India
Praveen Joshi, Prem Prakash, Vijay Kant Purohit, Arun Kumar Jugran, Brij Mohan Dimri 45-53
Total views: 29
Biochemical Changes during Ripening of Ker Fruits from Arid Zone
Mala Rathore 54-59
Total views: 16
Do Invasive Species have the Medicinal Potential ?
D. K. Kumar Pradhan 60-63
Total views: 26
Ethnomedicinal Plants of Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam, North Eastern India
J. Y Yumnam 64-71
Total views: 523
Predicting the Potential Geographical Distribution of Medicinal Plant (Taxus baccata, L. subsp. Wallichiana) in Shimla District, Himachal Pradesh
Aman Kumar, A. K. Sharma, Rajesh Kumar 72-82
Total views: 43
Eulophia dabia - A Lesser Known Critically Endangered Terrestrial Orchid
Bhavana Joshi, G. S. Panwar, S. K. Singh 83-87
Total views: 25
Trade of Wild Edible Plants in all Women Market in Manipur, India
Khulakpam Apshahana, A. K. Sharma 88-96
Total views: 32

Research Notes

Habenaria multicaudata Sedgw. (Orchidaceae) - Documented for the First Time in Telangana State, India
A. Vijaya Bhasker Reddy, L. Paramesh 97-98
Total views: 14
Datura discolor (Solanaceae): An Addition to the Flora of Maharashtra, India
Pooja R. Mane, J. Swamy, C. B. Salunkhe, T. J. Shaikh, G. G. Potdar 99-100
Total views: 16
Ethnomedicinal Uses of Fraxinus xanthoxyloides (Afghan Ash): A Review
Akshit Kukreti, Manisha Thapliyal, Neelam Kurmanchali, Laxmi Rawat, Gaurav Chand Ramola, Rajat Singh 101-103
Total views: 19
Additions of Four Lesser-Known Species to the Flora of Arunachal Pradesh, India
Samiran Panday, Sudhansu Sekhar Dash, Vikas Kumar 104-106
Total views: 14
Jasminum greenii sp. nov. (Oleaceae): A New Species from Tamil Nadu, India
P. Raja, Johny Kumar Tagore, S. Soosairaj, N. Dhatchanamoorthy 107-108
Total views: 16
Studies on Traditional Knowledge of Some Plants from Jaunsar-Bawar, Uttarakhand
Vishamber Joshi, S. P. Joshi 109-112
Total views: 13
First report of Golovinomyces sp. (Euoidium sp.) Causing Powdery Mildew on Acmella paniculata (Wall. ex DC.) R.K. Jansen in India
S. V. Thite 113-114
Total views: 14
Taxonomy, Nomenclature and Lectotypifications of Photinia lindelyana Wight & Arn. (Rosaceae): an Endemic to Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Southern Western Ghats, India
K. Sampath Kumar, S. Arumugam 115-117
Total views: 13
Flowering of Gigantochloa andamanica in Ranchi Jharkhand, India
Yogeshwar Mishra, Mahesh Kumar 118-119
Total views: 13

Views And Expressions

Ornamental Potential of Gentiana kurroo Could be a Boon for its Survival: A Critically Endangered Species
Amber Srivastava, Harminder Singh, Aakriti Bhandari, Puneet Kumar, G. S. Panwar, A. A. Mao 120-122
Total views: 12

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

The Insect Pests of Regeneration Areas
C. F. C. B. 123-123
Total views: 14



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